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Details for outsourcing of payroll/services

I. Basic package payroll

Included in basic package:


A. Service by the month

1. Preparation and implementation

  • Check data for completeness
  • Clear questions with customers
  • Alterations of master data (staff/client)
  • Record transaction data (manual/electronically)
  • Record holiday, sick days, absence
  • Execute correction payroll of previous months (if required)
  • Execute payroll, prepare gross/net payroll, income tax registration, contribution statement incl. report for health insurance, reports for data transfer of wages, salaries, capital-forming benefits, etc.
  • Customized reports upon request


2. Mail

  • Gross/net payroll report put in an envelope, original to client
  • Bank transfer slip or data transfer protocol for payment (wages, salaries, miscellaneous payments)
  • Data transfer of wages, salaries, misc. payments to the proper bank
  • Data transfer to the proper finance authority
  • Data transfer of contributions paid for health insurance companies
  • Registration,sign-off and suspension notification for health insurance
  • Data transfer protocols (finance authority, health insurance) for information/monitoring of accounts
  • List of cost centers/booking list etc. and individual reports

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A concept prevails!

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