A concept prevails!


ADDISON Software und Service GmbH

The Software to manage your Profit - ADDISON signifies with consistent management to improve profitability with an integrated software solution for accounting.

Since 1921, efficient accounting systems are developed. In the course of history, ADDISON has specialized in software solutions for tax advisors, trade and small and medium-sized enterprises. Today there are more than 20,000 customers handling their entire business functions with ADDISON software solutions.

Workflow-based, interlocked software applications in a consistent overall system rather than individual modules, e.g. for financial accounting, payroll accounting determine the process. This makes accounting more productive - step by step.

The focus is on improvements in productivity.

The ADDISON-solution is based on an integrated database. All functions are ergonomically related, swiftest processes ensure safe and at the same time highly efficient operation. ADDISON Payroll has organized the traditional wage and salary administration on the basis of pioneering a new software concept. The comprehensive basic package of ADDISON Payroll can be extended optionally with "Baulohn" (construction business), BAT, and statements/form filing.

The focus is on comprehensive billing and reporting options, security and currentness of the database as well as compatibility with other applications.

Every month, more than 3 million wage and salary settlements calculation in Germany are processed with the ADDISON software.

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A concept prevails!

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