A concept prevails!


Professional recruitment is time consuming. It is a long way from the wording of the job advertisement, selection of the right candidate to a contract of employment.

Who is not familiar with the mountains of CVs and applications, the time-consuming interviews and, finally, the agony of choice: who is the right candidate?

Every wrong choice is sumptuous, since the re-recruiting requires additional resources.

Why don´t you outsource the recruitment to a external service provider?


Within the scope of recruitment, we can provide the following tasks:

  • Develop job analysis
  • Phrase job description
  • Plan staff requirements
  • Develop job profile
  • Design and text job advertisement
  • Process applications / preselection of candidates
  • Presentation of candidates

Furthermore, we can be your "mailbox" for all incoming applications, i.e. collect and just forward them without further processing.

Just contact us! We would love to share the advantages of our service for your organisation.

A concept prevails!

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