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Outsourcing of payroll

Payroll in small and medium-sized enterprises is usually not processed inhouse, but by external payroll offices or tax advisors. However, this service includes in most cases just the mere accounting processes while the client makes the data available.

All services offered by KB Personalmanagement cover the entire field of HR activities. The resulting benefits are obvious, since we can offer a comprehensive advice on processing and development that includes all aspects of HR management. At the same time, we guarantee that all legal requirements are met.

Payroll (wage and salary accounting) is processed with a software system of a leading German provider.

KB Personalmanagement is also the right partner for tax accountants and auditors who want to outsource their unprofitable wage and salary administration, without sacrificing quality and support. The protection of clients is absolutely guaranteed, we have no own interest in respect to tax-advisory activities.

Payroll in the construction business

Due to the complexity of the wage and salary accounting in the construction business, many service providers refuse to process payroll.

KB Personalmanagement offers payroll in the construction business with proven methods and qualified experts.


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A concept prevails!

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