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Details for outsourcing of payroll/services

II. Additional services:

Not included in the basic service:


A. One shots:

Preparatory actions for setup of new customers

  • Defining persons in charge/decision makers
  • Agreement framework conditions (procedures, dates, intersections etc.)
  • Handing over of required data/records (data of company, employees and tax)
  • Review of records/data for setup
  • clarification of questions


Deposition of master data (employee/client)

  • Acquisition of master data (bank connection, payment terms, health insurance scheme data, finance authority, list of cost centers, booking list, individual reports etc.)
  • Acquisition of master data - employees (personal data, payroll tax, social security information, current contracts like capital-forming investments, direct insurance, company pension, garnishment, etc.)


B. Statements

  • Statements of earning
  • Statement for calculation of sick pay and maternity benefits
  • Applications for continued pay
  • Statements for unemployment benefit
  • Pension certificates
  • Registration for calculation of contributions for professional associations
  • Registration for compulsory charge for not employing disabled people

Miscellaneous statements upon request.

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A concept prevails!

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